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Your basic abilities matter and by recognizing and utilizing them, you can be a part in positive change for the world.  This third book in the Women Like Us Series focuses on the stories of well-known and little-known women who are coming together in their own way with their own voices to speak up for the vulnerable, link arms with compassion and connection and share how the reader, in her own way, can be a part of the change.

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Proceeds from the book go to funding women-led initiatives for gender equality and social justice in the areas of sex trafficking, homelessness and education through the Women Like Us Foundation. 




Women can change the world. Meet wonderful women and learn their stories. Find your own way of making a difference whether through a major philanthropic initiative or one person at a time; across the street or across the world. This book features Linda Rendleman’s personal story as a cancer survivor and life-long champion of women; stories and strategies from women who are contributing to world change; and practical strategies to begin your own journey.

“The inspirational stories are examples of how similar all of our experiences truly are. As a whole, this read will touch you deeply. It will then propel you into action toward living a most purposeful life. As Linda’s daughter, I am reminded how my mother has shaped my own personal lifelong passion for helping others.” Catt Sadler, Host E! News

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women like us: real stories and strategies for living your best life

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Part personal stories, part strategies and part attitude, Linda combines her own personal views and stories of perseverance as a single mom, cancer survivor and champion of women with personal stories of other outstanding women she has met along the way. An easy read, this book is sure to encourage you to be the best that you can be and understand that your story may be singular, but your passions are shared with our women, just like you…just like us.

“Linda Rendleman’s excellent book is a clarion call to women about empowerment and the many paths to success. I have recommended it to my women friends of all ages and life circumstances. Thoughtful, compelling, and practical, Women Like Us put breadcrumbs on the path-the path to a successful and self-actualized life.” Kathleen Brehony, PhD Author


Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, PsyD: In This Together

How Successful Women Support Each Other in Work and Life

Thoughts, advice, and stories from 40 successful women across a variety of careers—from authors to actresses, CEOs and professors—encouraging women to support each other in the workplace and in life—along with action plans on how all women can work together to break free from the binds of gender inequality.

Women worldwide are breaking their silence—coming forward against the men that have oppressed and abused them in the #MeToo movement. It’s an exciting, liberating time for female empowerment—but now we have to relearn how to connect with each other.

Instead of supporting each other through the challenges of a traditionally male-dominated working world, millions of women have experienced the polar opposite. Studies show that 30% of workplace bullies are female—employing tactics such as cyber bullying, verbal attacks, gossiping, and shunning to use against each other—and many women have garnered “mean girl” reputations as competitive and unsupportive in the workplace.