Meet Our Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors


Meet Our Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors

Meet our Women Like Us Ambassadors.  Young women who are smart, strong and passionate about women's work for a better world.  We're proud to have them as part of our outreach and Women Like Us Team!



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Anna Nova, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and event producer, immigrated to the United States 15 years ago from Russia. After leaving corporate positions in the public relations, marketing, and business development, she launched her event production business.

Anna is especially passionate about spirituality, conscious awareness, and self-empowerment; however, it wasn’t until losing her mother to stage 4 cancer that she began pursuing a spiritual path. The implementation of Kundalini yoga as well as working with spiritual practitioners and meditation experts created a major shift in her life. Today, Anna applies spirituality to everything that she does—including the events she produces. The development of conscious-awareness events to impart joy and benefits into others’ lives is both a niche and passion.

From conscious awareness events, to women’s empowerment, to self-development seminars targeted to entrepreneurs, to bridal and fashion shows, Anna’s end goal is to spread positivity and knowledge.

Anna is excited to partner with the Women Like Us Foundation because she believes women are more powerful as a connected community and she hopes to become a trusted source of support and guidance for women on a global scale.


Nadya Rousseau


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A storyteller since childhood, Nadya worked as a professional actor and a freelance journalist before pivoting to digital marketing and business development. Today, Nadya has her own digital marketing agency and additionally has launched an online social media school, The Social Media Storytelling Academy. She also is a columnist for Honeysuckle Magazine, where she interviews entrepreneurs on the impact they’re making in the world.  To date, Nadya has worked with clients ranging from startups, to nationally recognized law firms, to nonprofits (including Women Like Us Foundation), to entertainers and more. She has additionally partnered with several influential social media campaigns, including the The Nylon Project’s fashion initiative “#Itcanbeyou” to raise awareness about the homelessness epidemic.

In June of 2017, Nadya was recognized by the Audre Lorde Foundation for her contributions to the LGBTQI community, after sitting on a tech and social impact panel alongside Robyn Exton, the founder of world-renown lesbian and bisexual dating app HER. Through her storytelling-based strategies, Nadya has successfully taken her clients’ social media reach from non-existent to in the thousands, landing them new customers, partnerships and revenue. Her purpose? To help her clients achieve their business goals while also making a difference in the world. Nadya grew up in Maryland and is a self-declared “Californian with East Coast roots.” When she’s not working, she can be found people watching while sipping the strongest espresso she can find. MORE





Arin Pitcher is a tech entrepreneur, coach, writer and producer. Arin is committed to creating new and innovative solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges through the intersection of technology, personal development and storytelling. She studied Accounting at The University of Iowa and spent 4 years in management before co-founding Empact Labs, a mission-driven experiential creative agency specializing in cross-platform campaigns with an emphasis in Virtual and Augmented Reality, to propel social impact initiatives through the lens of strategic partnerships and experiential marketing. Currently, as Empact Labs Vice President, Arin's focus is on forging partnerships between major brands, radical innovators and thought leaders to generate solutions, awareness and collective action towards a more sustainable and harmonious future for all beings on Earth. To date Arin has worked on initiatives supporting regenerative agriculture, disaster relief and infrastructure, solar energy and environmental protection with clients and collaborators including, Burners Without Borders, Permaculture Action Network, HTC, Google and USA Today.  Presently Arin is working on a project to use Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to eliminate the demand side of the supply chain within the illegal sex trafficking industry, which is an initiative she is excited to champion alongside the Women Like Us Foundation.

Additionally, Arin is extremely passionate about the evolution of human consciousness, personal development and spirituality as the platform to end suffering and restore balance to the planet. As such, she spends her free time working on passion projects for women's leadership & empowerment, sexual education and human transformation/liberation. Arin lives in Los Angeles with her husband Christopher and loves camping, cooking and connecting. MORE




Jazmine Valencia is the founder of JV Agency. With artist-focused marketing and a culture-building savvy approach, Valencia has helped advance the careers of an eclectic and hugely successful roster of top-selling artists that includes The Killers, Fall Out Boy, FAULKNER, Avicii, American Authors and Shawn Mendes. 


One of the industry’s most admired executives, Valencia is widely recognized not only for her business and creative acumen, but for her down-to-earth attitude and motivational approach with her team and artists alike. Valencia is a sought-after speaker on various subjects such as Digital Marketing, Social Media and Women’s Empowerment. She has spoken at Harvard University, George Washington University, SXSW, CMJ and at “Dialog Konferansen” - the largest and most famous conference on digital marketing, CX and CRM in Scandinavia. 

Her foray into music has proved to be as successful as her marketing initiatives. Besides DJing private events, she has also become a vital source for music curation for brands, in-store events and fashion shows. Combining her love for fashion and philanthropy, Valencia launched The Valencia - a venture that donates the proceeds from products to charity organizations throughout NYC. Via The Valencia, Jazmine Valencia aims to change the way we give back to our communities by focusing on Social Entrepreneurship. 

Valencia’s ultimate mission is to bridge cultural and geographic divides between makers and users. She uses technology as a catalyst for positive change while leveraging a vast reach to give a platform to connect. As an innovator in the digital and music sphere, it is no question that, with her talent and passion, Jazmine Valencia will continue to achieve her vision while being a role model for a new generation.