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A Gift of Hope

The holiday season is a time of selfless giving and true loving, a time to be with family and to rekindle old friendships. These days, however, they feel more like a mad commercialized rush that generates only stress, tension, and general displeasure. This year do not get wrapped up in materials and negativity. Instead make this holiday season reminiscent of its true meaning. The goal is simple: help Women Like Us Foundation with their work of helping women change the world and teaching teen girls about giving back and becoming Women Like me.

Young girls in Costa Rica learn the importance of growing and helping

Women can change the world

The task is even simpler: let your family and friends know that you would love nothing more than for them to donate to Women Like Us and our signature program, One Girl at a Time. Instead of receiving a gift this year you will just end up returning or hiding away in storage to collect dust, why not give a gift that will truly make a difference in someone's life? Share this link with family and friends (The Gift of Hope) - they won't have to struggle through holiday traffic, they won't have to endure the typical holiday stress. Instead, they will simply be making the world of a difference in a young woman's life.

When it comes down to it, how could you not share this? It is painstakingly easy and helps a strong mentor program benefit the future.

We need your help to make an impact.  Will you help us?

By donating, you support our mission to support women changing the world. By donating, you give hope.

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Indianapolis One Girl Program Awards

One Girl Award Program

One of the goals for Women Like Us Foundation is to raise funds for enrichment scholarships for girls. The scholarship would includes a mentoring program and a short-term international humanitarian trip.

Women Like Us Foundation acknowledges the need for better prepared and educated youth within our own communities. Through this program, these high school girls can become our partners and serve as future committed and engaged women in making a substantial difference in all of our futures. These participants will also realize that they can be good will ambassadors for the United States, while becoming culturally literate of the world in which they live.

We’re Proud to Announce the 2012 Women Like Us Foundation One Girl at a Time Award Recipients


    Cecilia Dominguez is a junior at North Central High School in Indianapolis.  This lovely girl  was born in Zacupana, Mexico, and immigrated with her family to the United States as a young child.  She is the youngest child in her family and will be the first person in her family to graduate high school.  She is a member of North Central's Bridge program, a cohort for students who have learned English as a new language.  She helps freshmen and sophomore English language learners with transitioning to high school and study skills.   She has been active in several community service activities:  Gleaners' Food Bank, Goodwill, and helping with water stations at several marathons in Indianapolis.  Cecilia participates in intramural coed soccer at North Central.  She maintains a high GPA and has earned several awards from her teachers in leadership, pride, and student of the month.  Outside of school, she frequently volunteers to babysit for children of friends and family.

Kierra Washington  is a junior at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Kierra’s personality lights up the room and her kindness shines through. She participates in the ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) Program after school.  Local volunteer professional engineers and architects work with students who aspire to enter those professions on a project that will benefit the community.  This year, students are working on a landscape project for the new area at Riley Hospital for Children.  Kierra has an excellent GPA, is a driven student and has been awarded student of the month in several classes. She is an aggressive learner and is constantly striving for excellence. Outside of school, Kierra is responsible for watching her three younger siblings after school.

  Aubree Bowen is a junior at Richmond High School. She currently participate in two student-led peer mentoring programs at Richmond High School: Peer Helpers and the Kick-Off Mentor Program.  Here she has accumulated 90 hours of training in interpersonal communication skills and teenage crisis issues, using these skills to help other teens help themselves with problems such as peer pressure, bullying, and self-esteem.  Aubree volunteers with her church twice a month at a local soup kitchen, an experience that she says has “taught her how genuine people really are.”  Her commitment to volunteer work is also highlighted through the many community events that she participates in as an RHS cheerleader. She also maintains an excellent GPA. She is a very genuine beautiful young woman.

Amber Whitehead is a friendly glowing young woman who set a high example of all around excellence for young women in her school. She is a member in the Kick-Off Mentor program that provides opportunity to ease the transition to the high school for incoming freshmen.  Amber, a council member for this student-led program, is in charge of creating and implementing activities and mentor sessions, As if maintaining a high GPA and volunteering in school were not enough, Amber has found cause outside of Richmond High School to dedicate her energy to.   Inspired by her grandfather’s fight with cancer, Amber has spent the past several years raising money and participating in the local Relay for Life. She has been an active member of student council, helping with missions such as raising money for Riley Children’s Hospital and assisting local elementary schools with setting up their own student councils