Women Like Us Foundation’s President Linda Rendleman and daughter Catt Sadler, celebrity host and activitst, share the stage at Indianapolis Women's Retreat.


We’re all in this together but we have a long way to go. Hear their powerful and personal accountings beginning in the 1950’s June Cleaver era and bringing us to the present day and passion-fueled climate of Time’s Up.

On March 1, 2019 at the Alexander Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, join Women Like Us Foundation’s President and CEO Linda Rendleman and her daughter, celebrity host, activist and prominent voice for the Time’s Up movement, Catt Sadler.

The duo has been invited to speak by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce at their annual Women In Business Retreat.

“We’re thrilled to be invited to take part in such an inspiring and motivating event for women in our own hometown.” said Linda Rendleman. “And to be able to share the stage with my daughter, Catt, will be so much fun for us!”

From June Cleaver to Time’s Up, their presentation, promoted as Women Like Us, shares personal stories and experiences from days of discrimination where women couldn’t get a checking account without their husband’s signature and women’s pay was 54% that of men to today’s climate for change along with Catt’s decision to leave E Entertainment Network as a host after learning that her co host was making twice her salary.

Catt and Linda are excited to be a part of a lively discussion with the women in attendance and coming together in these most important times.