As women are dominating the year, we can’t help but get excited. We’ve covered musicians to entrepreneurs and all the in between. This week, we’d like to take a look at three highly notable feminist artists who have made a dent in history with their works. At a time when gender equality is on the rise and power moves are being made, art is one of the most celebrated yet often underrated ways we, as women, have to fight back. Let’s dive into these artsy ladies!


Guerilla Girls


An anonymous art collective consisting of feminist women, Guerrilla Girls, has been shaking up the art scene. Playfully and secretly, they paint for a more women friendly world in all while guised in gorilla masks. Their main goal is to address systemic biases against women and people of color in their field. Originally formed in 1985, their core beliefs have stayed alive and kicking. The take pride in fighting discrimination and support human rights for all people. They want to continue the conversations that so many are trying to drown out. They’ll continue their anonymous fight until everyone is equal.




Jenny Holzer

Next, we have Jenny Holzer, an American conceptual artist. She is most well known for her text-based public art projects such as her large-scaled LED displays, shirts, and posters. Her most famed project, Truisms, consisted of controversial one-liners which were printed in italic bold font. These lines are meant to confront the viewer with a blunt truth. She too wanted to get a conversation going and an honest one at that.




Yayoi Kusama


Lastly, we have the highly famous Yayoi Kusama. An influential Japanese artist amidst the postwar New York art scene she took art to another level. Her work is based in conceptual art with attributes of feminism in which she staged provocative exhibitions. Most famously, “Infinity Nets”, a physical representation of infinity. Yayoi, continues to use her talent for the public from her homeland of Japan.

As we all know, art is timeless and creativity is unstoppable. When used for the greater good, art can speak to millions all over the world. Just like these women, we must continue to recognize each other’s talents and fight for an equal world every way we can.