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Women Like Us. Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change The World. is an inspiring and motivating documentary that brings to light important issues and social injustices including female genital mutilation, human trafficking, sexual assault and the need for global gender equality. Produced by Women Like Us founder Linda Rendleman, and co-produced by Women Like Us Global Ambassador and Spokesperson Catt Sadler, the documentary inspires women globally to continue the fight for equality and social justice for all. The movie premiered in 2017 and since then it gained remarkable reviews from all around the country.

The emotionally powerful documentary and experiences of women portrayed aim to motivate and visually deliver a call to action. What is that call to action?  To make a difference in regards to the important issues and injustice women and girls face in today’s society. The documentary follows director Sally Colón-Petree, award-winning journalist Catt Sadler, and activist/author/Women Like Us founder Linda Rendleman as they engage in conversation with over fourteen astounding women including Ida Odinga, former First Lady of Kenya; Caroline Barnett, co-founder of The Los Angeles Dream Center; Kim Dewitt, founder of the Olmalaika Home; Nancy Noel, Artist/Philanthropist and local resident who supports the NA Noel school in Kenya  which Women Like Us Foundation visited again during their latest trip to Kenya, and Fishers resident Deb Myers, founder of the One Girl at a Time Foundation.

The stories of these extraordinary women will create a huge impact on every person who watches the documentary due to an emotional, very raw and realistic picture it portrays of how women are perceived in today’s society. In the era of #MeToo and #Timesup movements, this documentary is a perfect representation of how women need to support each other in the fight for their basic human rights.

By screening Women Like Us. Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change The World. you are standing up for women that are making a difference and changing the world. You are acknowledging every woman's life story and honoring the sacrifices she had to take in the process of making life in her community better.

All proceeds from the screenings go to raise funds for women’s gender equality and social justice initiatives.


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