As an organization that represents and consists of strong women raising awareness of gender inequality, this week we’d like to talk about women in the music industry.


If in years before you didn’t notice the number of women, or lack thereof, in music then today is a great day for new information. According to the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, as of 2018, women in the music industry make up 22.4% of artists, 12.3% of songwriters, & 2% of producers. That is insanely low and very embarrassing for the entertainment industry altogether. Whatsmore, this year’s Grammys further pointed out how biased it can really get. In the past five years, 90% of the nominees have been male and this year only one award recipient was female.


Though it seems there hasn’t been much of change, 2018 brings in new tides. Waves of women are taking streaming services,Youtube, and all other music platforms by storm. We’ve noticed three outstanding artists who are changing the culture of music not just because they’re female but with their styles, voices, and conscious impact.




With a Korean-American background, Yaeji is making global headlines with her new funky electronic sound and style. She began in New York City and quickly dived into the world of EDM. She brings a lot to the table with her unique fashion and humble attitude.



Princess Nokia

Our next artist also hails from New York and is on a quick rise with her afro-latina punk style and new age rap-Princess Nokia. She is a classic boricua who is also a proud feminist and queer POC. She truly embodies her neighborhood of Harlem and is breaking barriers in the world of female rappers.



Billie Eilish

Next up we have Billie Eilish, proclaimed Pop’s next It girl by Vogue. Her music is spreading like fire and her fashion is next level. Whatsmore, she’s only 16! Originally from Los Angeles, her sound is sophisticated yet paired with childlike context, her voice unparalleled. With her hit song streaming more than 2 million hits, she’s got big plans ahead.


Overall, these women are in store for big things and a lot more work. So far, we think they’ve done well in representing women in the industry. They are all dedicated to creating art, staying true to themselves, and interrupting the boy’s club that is the music industry. We are looking forward to hearing them more and more. Check them out, give them a listen and support your fellow women!