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All over the country women are faced with the problem of homelessness. Homelessness is on the rise everywhere. Women and families represent the fastest growing groups of the homeless population in the United States. Approximately 34% of the homeless population are families with children. The percentage of women in West Virginia that are living below the poverty line is around 19.4 %, while in North Carolina 16.6% of the women there are homeless. Women, especially single-parent mothers, are more likely to live in poverty since they have to watch their expenditures extra carefully.They are more likely to work part-time jobs, work in the service industries, in which they are  offered few benefits and low wages. All of this leads greatly to impoverishment and eventually causes homelessness. It is important to note that job-based discrimination targets all women, but is present on an even larger scale toward minority women. This is why we make it a key part of the Women Like Us Foundation’s mission to eradicate this issue and spread awareness to prevent the cycle from continuing. We also make it a point to recognize our fellow empowered women who have started their own programs to help fight homelessness.

West Virginia Women Work is an inspiring women-led nonprofit based in Morgantown, WV. It was founded in 2000 by Lisa Diehl, a woman focused on women’s issues related to nontraditional employment, poverty, and economic self-sufficiency. The organization's main goal is to help women earn a living wage through education, training, honing in on skilled trades, and assisting them in finding employment. They have 3 active training sites and have an 80% job placement rate!

Doorways For Women and Families is an Arlington, VA based organization working towards their vision of a community without violence and providing safe, stable housing for members of their community. They work tirelessly to change the lives of families who have suffered from homelessness or abuse. They help a range of survivors from domestic abuse, sexual assault, and homelessness while creating a pathway to healing lives. The program is run by an amazing board of female directors who offer a 24-hour domestic and sexual violence hotline. If you should find yourself in the area and are in need of a crisis intervention, counseling, or immediate assistance, they are there for you!

Family Promise of Wake County, in North Carolina, is an organization dedicated to providing support to families experiencing temporary homelessness. They offer life-skill classes, case management/ social workers, a day center, and transitional housing. Their staff consists of strong women, working towards a better community. What makes them exceptionally special is the support they provide from start to finish with their clients. They walk  those in need through the transition and provide after-care services to ensure success.

Final Salute Inc. in Alexandria, VA is a powerful nonprofit for homeless women veterans. It was founded in 2010 by a woman veteran and cancer survivor who realized that the number of homeless veteran women was getting increasingly worse. She set out to create this organization in order to meet and understand the needs of homeless women veterans and their families. Final Salute Inc. offers programs that provide support, transitional housing, food, clothing, child care, and employment assistance. Women veterans are a demographic that is often overlooked, but thankfully this organization has a heart and mission to bring awareness!

Samaritan House is a Virginia based program committed to providing personal safety, growth, and self-sustainability for those who have been freed from sexual assault, domestic assault, violence,human trafficking and homelessness. They have emergency and permanent housing along with community outreach. They make a special point to work with the youth and establish healthy relationships, building up their confidence, education, while breaking the cycles of violent lives and homelessness.

As you can tell these honorable nonprofits are doing their part for their communities. They make it a goal to spread knowledge, provide assistance, and encourage. We are fully in tune with their goals and are happy to advocate for the same cause. Empowered women, empowering women.