Despite all the movements and initiatives that have sprung recently that tackle the theme of  gender equality, female workers still get paid less than their male coworkers, with women significantly underrepresented in senior management roles. Discrimination and unequal pay is illegal, but the reality shows that we still face huge obstacles in equal opportunities, and employers play a vital role in overcoming these obstacles. Here are some tips on how you can promote gender equality in your company and create a change.


Forget about Biases


Biases can exist everywhere, if not consciously then subconsciously. We can all be subjected to them whether we are men, women, African - American, Latino, gay, lesbian - the list is endless. A recommendation that is circling in business world is that HR managers should remove names on job applications. In that way, women will not be discriminated in the first run, and will solely be chosen by their qualifications for the job opening. It’s also a recommendation not to ask candidates to explain yearly gaps in their resumes, which are almost always due to family or illness. It’s just a manner of being polite and nice to your future employee.


Eliminate the Pay Gap


In order to promote gender equality in the workplace, equal pay for the same job positions is crucial. Paying employees fairly and equally based on experience level, not on gender, is truly the first step needed to properly promote gender equality. The gender pay gap remains a constant problem that is present in all industries, and resolving it is the clearest example of gender equality at the workplace.

Allow Women to Coordinate their Working Hours


To ensure employees, especially women, aren’t leaving the workplace because of punishing hours or work rules, companies should give them more control over their schedules and not prioritize time in the office over delivering results. One of the major obstacles that prevent women from reaching the top of their career is the lack of childcare support. Companies should  play a vital role in supporting working mothers. Work together to agree on a fair and balanced workplace goal that will drive productivity, whilst allowing flexibility and remote working where possible.


Create Female Leaders


Although men and women have an equal level of ambition early on in their careers, the absence of strong role models and mentors throughout a woman’s professional development can have a significant impact on how she views her own capabilities and career prospects later in life. Actively encourage women to take more chances and go for opportunities they desire. Support from colleagues and senior managers is great for confidence building. Build new roles in your company for women and see how your business evolves to the better. Women bring a different and unique perspective to business that should be integrated whenever possible.


If most of the companies in your industry see to conduct these measures as regular and normal, soon other businesses from different industries will hopefully follow your lead. Be the example of change and create an impact by fairly acknowledging women and their efforts in your workplace.