If there’s one thing women have, it’s resilience, and Women Like Us ambassador Anna Nova’s strength and courage in the face of adversity sets the bar high for the rest of us!

In less than a week, an event Anna has planned for months will come into fruition--the Laguna Beach Bridal Expo. Presented by Brides Today, the expo features a wide array of designers, jewelers, caterers, florists and more---everything and everyone a bride needs for her best wedding. Anna took the time to talk to us about her entrepreneurial journey, the women who inspire her, and, of course, the upcoming expo.


What was your motivation to become a Women Like Us  ambassador?


The turning point of my life was losing my mother to cancer five years ago. Once she was gone, I had lost a strong female figure in my life. After I went through the recovery process, I’ve created a support system which consisted of females who are always there for me as friends and mentors. I understand what it’s like having lack of support in life. I became Women Like Us Ambassador in order to provide support to those women who need it the most.


Tell us about how you became an entrepreneur?


I used to spend hours working in the corporate world making money for someone else.It turned into a constant routine that lacked passion in my life. After attending numerous self-development seminars and meeting different types of entrepreneurs I quickly realized that I was one of them. I quit my corporate job and started developing my own projects where I had freedom to work from where I wanted and had an opportunity to create my own work hours.


How did you fall into event production?

I’m currently in the process of developing my brand and event production business. Events that I focus on producing are conscious awareness seminars and workshops and women empowerment events. I do produce other events as well such as bridal shows and fashion shows, however those two categories are the ones that carry a personal meaning to me.


You helped curate the Laguna Beach Bridal Show, presented by Brides Today Expo, taking place this Sunday April 15. What was the development process like?

It was a great experience! I’ve learned a lot about bridal industry and also about obstacles that take place during the process of co-producing one. Bridal expos (shows) have a different concept and are more complex than other types of events. They require much more work in putting them together. The process consists of creating necessary marketing materials, getting appropriate vendors on board, selecting the right designer and tuxedo company for the fashion show and making sure that vendors and brides are satisfied with the outcome of the show.

Producing events is something that I love doing and am truly passionate about because it consists of working with various types of people and creating meaningful experiences for them.



You can learn more about the expo here


Do you think a bridal show, and similar events, can be connected to women’s empowerment? How?

Yes, absolutely! There’s a way to do it by incorporating nonprofit organizations into various types of events. For example capital acquired can be utilized towards raising funds for nonprofit organizations including those connected to women’s empowerment. Another way to do is to organize a fundraiser for the non profit taking place during the event.


If you could name three women leaders that inspire you the most, who would they be and why?

Hmmm, that’s a great question! There are so many inspirational women out there but if I have to pick three I would pick Angelina Jolie, Oprah and Queen Cleopatra. I have respect for Angelina for not only acquiring success in her acting career but for also being an amazing mother. In my opinion, the fact that she adopted kids from different countries and decided to raise them as her own by giving them unconditional love and an opportunity for a bright future is truly powerful!

I respect Oprah for all of her accomplishments and for becoming a role model for so many women around the world. It takes a lot of strength and perseverance to accomplish as much as she did considering all of the obstacles that she went though along the way not only being a woman but being an African American woman.

Last but not least Queen Cleopatra is an inspiration to me because she was able to be a strong leader while simultaneously balancing her feminine and masculine energies. It is not easy for a female leader to take on men’s duties in a business world and at the same time maintain their roles as female and stay connected to the divine feminine energy.

You can learn more about Anna by heading to our ambassador page, and the Laguna Beach Bridal Expo here.