Waris Dirie


A supermodel gone superwoman in her fight against FGM in the UK and Africa. When Waris Dirie was only five years old she became a victim of FGM. As an adult she became determined to eradicate FGM, a pervasive human rights violation, that thousands of girls are subjected to everyday. Appointed as a goodwill ambassador in the fight against FGM by the UN, Waris Dirie founded the “Desert Flower Foundation” to reflect a broader approach to addressing FGM  though economic projects in Africa.


Jaha Dukureh


An anti FGM advocate, Jaha Dukureh has spent years using her voice to speak out against FGM in Africa and USA. Jaha is CEO and Founder of “Safe Hands for Girls,” an organisation focused on protecting young girls and women from the practice of FGM. She is a US Goodwill Ambassador for Africa at UN Women and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee!


Blake Lively


As a huge supporter of women's rights and gender equality, Blake Lively has actively spoken up and supported various campaigns regarding the issues surrounding FGM on her social media accounts and in the press. She is a strong supporter of Jaha Dukureh and her work toward eradicating FGM in Kenya.


British pop star Jamelia is a huge supporter for ending violence against women worldwide. She made a trip to Kenya to support the World Food Programme school feeding project in Kibera which is Africa's largest slum.

Nicole Kidman

As a UN goodwill ambassador for the Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and a passionate, life-long campaigner for women’s rights, Nicole Kidman is a true advocate for women’s empowerment. She actively partners with Soko, an ethical fashion-based social enterprise based in Kenya, that uses online technology to bring creative jewelry designed by Kenyan artisans to the global marketplace.

Joanne Froggatt


Joanne Froggatt, a Golden Globe award winning actress, is an ambassador for a global children's charity called "Because I Am a Girl." This campaign fights against FGM, violence against girls, and women globally.

Leyla Hussein

Leyla Hussein was a victim of FGM, and is now one of the world’s most visible campaigners and advocates against FGM. A psychotherapist and award-winning advocate for gender equality, she is also the founder of the “Dahlia Project”, one of the co-founders of the “Daughters of Eve” a non-profit organization, and a Chief Executive of “Hawa's Haven” - all of the aforementioned organizations are against FGM and violence against women on an international level.

Annie Lennox

Music superstar and passionate, life-long women’s rights campaigner, Annie Lennox is famous for her charity work. She actively campaigns and advocates for women’s rights and  campaigns tirelessly for HIV/AIDS awareness, she the links the sexual violence against women with the prevalence of the disease in Africa.

Monique Coleman



A powerful role model to young women, High School Musical star  Monique Coleman campaigns globally in the fight for ending violence against women. She was appointed the first UN Youth Champion to raise awareness about the challenges facing young people in Kenya, and urging the international community to take responsibility on youth issues.

Sean Combs

A father of six children and an international celebrity, Sean Combs, better known by his stage name “Diddy”, is one of the world's most famous donors to charity causes. He has donated money to schools, universities, and nonprofits that support education in undeveloped countries. He travels to Kenya often to encourage organizations to recognize the country's contributions to the world.