With the aim of promoting gender equality and social justice, Women Like Us Foundation extends a helping hand globally. We have been very fortunate to work with  women, children, and families from the west coast to the east. From California to Indiana to Kenya to the Dominican Republic, we have no boundaries. We strive to create a world where equality reigns supreme. Read more about our impact and the work we love to do, and join us in our campaign to empower women universally!


Olmalaika Home


Women Like Us Foundation has the pleasure of being a sponsor for OLMALAIKA Home. The organization is based in Sekenani, Kenya where they house and educate young Maasai women. Most are victims and survivors of Female Genital Mutilation and at a risk for early childhood marriage.There are currently 37 residents as well as, Kim DeWitt, the director. So far, four previous students are college graduates. We have been able to make an impact by contributing time, money, effort and sustainable water options. We have helped by bringing in travelers to volunteer, donated funds for a water tank, and most recently a washroom. We will continue to support this organization in any way that we can. Join us!

Noel School


The Noel School is a safe zone for kids who have suffered throughout their life. It is a sanctuary in which children are able to learn and use the tools provided to begin their journey. The school provides quality care for their kids in the way of medical attention, food, and overall safety. We teamed up to bring the school clean drinking water and the filters needed. We have laid the groundwork for self-sustainable projects that will further their progress in education, hygiene, and nutrition. Most recently we are creating funding for a new well, teacher salaries and textbooks for all the children.

Victorious Teens


Victorious Teens Bridge International is a nonprofit focused on nurturing marginalized teens into responsible adults. They want their youth to continue their education. Our contribution has been to provide 100 teen girls with sustainable feminine hygiene kits in order to keep them from missing school while on their period. We also supplied young men with underwear and sports equipment. Equally important, we trained teachers to use water filters in order to maintain clean drinking water for all children.

Homes for Hope


Homes for Hope is an organization that builds houses for families in need. Their goal is to ensure that those less fortunate are able to provide for their families in a safe environment. Combatting homelessness means that families with young children are able to focus more on paying for education and hygienic needs. Women Like Us Foundation was blessed to be able to send 50+ volunteers to build homes for 3 families. We hope to continue to contribute to this cause!

One Girl at a Time


One Girl at a Time is a program, founded by Deb Myers, created to empower young women. It brings together mentors and mentees in order to learn from one another. It is a 12 session program in which girls are taught aspects ranging from healthy coping skills, healthy living, sex trafficking and homelessness, bullying, to leadership. Women Like Us is a proud supporter of this organization and appreciates the value they bring into these young lives. Most recently they received a grant from Women Like Us Foundation to use for sex trafficking education and initiatives to eradicate it in their community.