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Linda Rendleman. President and CEO

Linda Rendleman. President and CEO

We are doing our part to support women’s leadership for change! And we’re proud of it!

But we need your help…

We have co-produced two fabulous educational workshops attended by over 400 children. In the Maasi Mara 98% of the little girls are brutally mutilated (FGM) and then sold into a life of slavery. Our 3-day workshops teach the boys and girls in all areas of HIV, FGM, hygiene, self-esteem, early childhood pregnancy, education and much more. Simultaneously, we hold a one-day workshop for the Maasai tribesmen and adult women. These workshops have a proven track record in a neighboring tribe. In just 5 years we have reduced the number of victims from 98% to 80%. We are saving lives and are committed with your help to continue this impactful work.

In the Rusinga Island area we are in the final stages of raising the funds to bring clean drinking water to our 260 children at the Noel School. Our children carry heavy 5-gallon jugs from Lake Victoria to their school. The water is filthy, filled with chemicals, bacteria and viruses. The diseases caused from drinking this water is rampant. Our VP of Global Outreach, Terry Kaiser, is heading up a team of volunteers to start the building of a water system. She has the commitments from an MIT, Harvard Engineering Water Specialist and a contractor to join her for the construction.

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Simultaneously we will be building a septic system with proper toilets. Currently the children use 3 latrines dug into the ground that are in deplorable condition. Our kids have continuously tested above average in state-wide testing. We will continue to support their health, education and safety.


In Nakuru, Kenya our Jendelieze Program was created as a micro-enterprise for the women there. As you know when we empower women and girls, entire communities are impacted. With the help of donors, we are erecting the Women Like Us Skills Center where currently 40 women are accessing resources for businesses and jobs, self-esteem building and education. Our goal in 2019 is to increase the number of women at the center to 80.

Here in the United States we continue our support of women-led initiatives who fight sexual abuse and homelessness through our mentoring programs for re-entry into society.


Would you please join with us in changing lives by giving your generous tax-deductible donation? Without your support, none of this important work would be possible?