Years ago I partnered with my friend Elaine Voci to present an all day conference.  The title was FINDING YOUR VOICE. We each spoke about the power of speaking up and being proud to present your real self, your real opinions, your real conversation to the world.  It's empowering and important.

And here we are today...having that conversation, not in a conference room in Indiana, but on the world stage.  I know I can speak for Elaine as well as myself as to how thrilling that makes us feel!

I recently found this article on the TAKE THE LEAD website and it resonated with our work then and the work of all of us now as we continue to speak up, speak out, and speak together as sisters! I immediately wanted to share...

TAKE THE LEAD is created and cofounded by Gloria Feldt, a co-author of mine in Dr. Nancy O'Reilly's book, LEADING WOMEN. 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life.


Find your authentic voice. “Women do not need to ask for permission to use their voices. Blog, post on social media, do pubic speaking, engage in thought leadership.” Nasser’s advice aligns with Leadership Power Tool # 8 created by Gloria Feldt, co-founder and president of Take The Lead, “Employ Every Medium.” Feldt writes, “Use personal, social, and traditional media every step of the way. Use the medium of your own voice. And think of each of the power tools as a medium to be pressed into the service of your “Power To.”

Leverage your network. “Play a strong role in helping other women. Volunteer for a networking organization.”

Be fearless. “I talk about my failures and women need to hear that. Have an appetite for failure. There are multiple failures before you achieve success.”

Be comfortable with your style. “Embrace who you are. I have gotten feedback that I can be bossy or too demanding. I toned it down and tried to be someone I’m not so everyone is comfortable. But putting in that energy took away from the focus on the business.”

Be candid. “I am upfront and say I am not going to sugar coat anything I say that not only do I want you to understand it is not personal, I am honest and clear about expectations. It comes from a positive place.”

Author Michelle Weldon