2018 is the year of women. Women all over the world are rising with one another and fighting back for equality in every aspect. We are all role models and can make a difference with our voices speaking in unison. So, for your enjoyment we’ve compiled a short list of the many women worth watching this New Year, check it out!


Kat Lazo


Kat is a creative Video Producer hailing from New York. She is currently working with the unapologetically Latino platform, We Are Mitu. Keep an eye out for her as she travels around speaking to universities on topics like feminism, POC and media representation, and how it is being a Latina in her field of work. Check her out and all the ways she challenges the media head on!





Issa Rae


Issa is a known actress, writer, director, producer, and web series creator. She is committed to exploring themes such as race, identity, and belonging. She is a relatable character on and off the screen. Her humor and smile are encouraging enough! Watch her series, Insecure! I think we all know what it’s like to be just a little #awkward.







Sarah Kay


Sarah is a tasteful and powerful poet and educator. She has 4 best-selling books of poetry and is a celebrated performer in 20+ countries. She is dedicated to encouraging people to use spoken word poetry as an educational tool and as a way to tap into your inspiration. Grab a book of hers and get lost in words!









Audrey Gelman


Audrey is a co-founder of The Wing, a women’s co-working space and social club, is a woman to watch! In addition to her creative career, she has also worked in politics alongside names like Hilary Clinton. She is not only a professional business woman but also a cultural influence. Catch her bringing social activism to wherever she heads next!










Qveen Herby


Qveen Herby is a breakout solo artist as of 2017. Formally known as part of the group Karmin, Herby had found her own path. She is a force to be reckoned with. In short time, Herby has dropped two incredible hip hop/R&B themed albums. A lot of her focus is on the power of self-love and woman empowerment. On top of her music career, she also co-founded a beauty and online clothing boutique with another strong female force. Keep an eye out as this queen builds her empire!