The number of women-led non-profit organizations are increasing every year as more and more women realize the massive need for change. These female leaders have taken the initiative to start their own organizations in the hope of helping alleviate poverty, lack of education, and sex trafficking among others. Some of these organizations include the following:

 1.      Women for Women International

The focus of this organization is to help women in countries affected by war and conflict. They have been in this non-profit organization for over 20 years. The organization recorded over 462,000 women from war-stricken countries who have been helped since 1993. They are taught skills they can use to generate income for their needs.

 2.      Movemeant

At first glance, you would think this is simply a fitness business. But Movemeant’s mission is to help women of all sizes to accept who they are and how they look. This organization helps women become more confident of themselves so they can reach their full potentials. Women are taught good, healthy habits from diet to exercise.

3.      Malala Fund

It is an organization that focuses on fighting for the futures of women and girls through education. Malala is the founder of this organization and she is from Pakistan, now traveling the world to serve others. She is an education activist who, at an early age of 11, started to speak about education for girls in her country and was almost assassinated at the age of 15. She later founded Malala Fund with her father. She now lives in the UK with her family.

Malala Fund.jpg

4.      Hand of Hope “ProjectGrl” of Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer started this project under the initiative of Hand of Hope, a Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, with a goal to help get women and girls off the streets and away from prostitution. The project realizes that about 80% of human and sex trafficking are composed of women and girls. The organization hopes to help lower that number because it believes that “every girl deserves the chance to blossom.”

5.      Courtney’s House

Courtney’s House was founded by Tina Frundt, a fighter for the rights of children against sex trafficking and prostitution. Tina was a sex trafficking victim herself and she understands the devastation this experience can bring to a child’s self-image, personal, and social life. Courtney’s House is a non-profit organization that is fearless in rescuing children being forced into prostitution. This nonprofit helps victims start new lives and brings awareness to the community about these issues.