If you think only non-profit organizations can bring awareness to the community about human and sex trafficking, various health issues, family planning, and everything in between, then it is time you understand that fighting against crimes and maintaining a healthy community is not the work of a select few but of every concerned citizen. The benefits of hosting a salon can spread out to not just the community but also to your entire city, and even farther. But what is a salon?

‘Salon’ is a term used to describe the gathering of people in one venue to listen to life-changing, motivating, eye-opening, and informative details of what is happening around you. It may be safe to say it is like a ‘support group’. A support group or salon has a goal of bringing awareness to individuals about a prevalent issue going on in a community or the world as a whole. It has the objective of helping people reach their potentials as well as keep them safe and sound wherever they are.

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Here are at least four benefits of hosting a salon for awareness building in your community, church, school, organization, or even your home.

1.      The people you care about are the first to know and you will do the favor of informing them about some issues in the community and the world that can happen to anyone. It could be a prevalent crime, sickness, or an individual situation. By hosting a salon for awareness building, you encourage individuals to be alert for their own safety as well as others’.

2.      The second benefit is you provide a support group for victims, either of a crime or a situation. You can help them stay off the streets. The support group may be the first contact they need when they fall prey to an instance of human trafficking, for example.

3.      By hosting a salon, you also open up a social and educational group where everyone can learn and contribute their ideas on fighting against human and sex trafficking, sickness, poverty, or the lack of education among others. It can mean getting outside connections to conduct seminars on “identifying sex trafficking victims”, for instance, or educational programs for war-stricken countries.

4.      Your salon can attract like-minded professionals. Those in the business sectors may offer to employ people who are part of your salon. Some schools may offer their help to educate young boys and girls who can’t afford a formal education, and so forth.