In spite of the fact that most non profits understand the role of self-promotion in advancement of their objectives, they do not use it much. We all know we should do more of self-promotion and that we should be better at it. But at the same time, it’s much more comfortable to simply focus on doing our work. We are more or less conditioned to take the back seat and wait for recognition to come to us.

Common wisdom dictates that self-promotion is self-serving, and evendistasteful. Even when we attempt to talk of our achievements and take the deserved credit for success, doing so with confidence and conviction can be challenging.


It is important to understand that self-promotion is a key leadership skill. It is upon you to talk about your achievements, not only for your personal benefit, but more importantly for your cause. It’s how you can create an impact and how to sell your ideas to a larger audience. It’s a way of building working relationships and gaining access to people who matter.

Self-promotion serves the purpose of letting others know of your accomplishments and objectives, and the effort you are putting in to benefit the larger cause. As much as your cause benefits from your promotional efforts, it also receives the exposure needed for further efforts and success. The organization can use previous accomplishments to initiate other projects or pursue other causes.

Realize that self-promotion is not always just about you. It’s more about your organization and the cause you believe in.

Most of us waste considerable time scrolling through social media that could be more productive in promoting our cause. In a world ruled by social media, all of us have turned into brands and we can communicate to others what we’re all about via social channels. This can be both a blessing and a curse, in that you have to be aware that everything you say, tweet, post, like, pin or follow will reflect on you.


One of the best ways to stir up awareness and publicity for your nonprofit is to generate some favorable buzz. The most desirable mode is through word of mouth marketing that can be free (or cheap) and highly effective. In addition it’s a valid currency that spans both the online and the offline worlds, and which can put your organization clearly on the radars of a wider audience in a very positive manner.

There are quite a few things you can do to build a strong, credible personal brand. Above all, be approachable and likeable. People do not like or tolerate showoffs, preachiness or spammers, so the key is to be humble and do everything in moderation.