It’s halfway through 2017 and we are yet to see any concrete progress in the area of equal rights. The number of political leaders and public figures who hold fast to some fairly regressive gender ideas are surprising to say the least. The fight for gender equality is still an ongoing process while gender discrimination has been an issue worldwide. In America, the Equal Rights Amendment is yet to be ratified and the Paycheck Fairness Act continues to fail in the Senate.

 The social norms of a man being the breadwinner while women stay at home to look after the home and children has eroded over time. With ever rising living expenses, it is difficult for men alone to provide for the family.

 We are now seeing men who choose to stay at home with children while private paid family leave policies that include time off for fathers are on the rise. What we are not seeing is women entering fields they normally wouldn’t in older times.

 These traditionally perceived as male-dominated sectors are now seeing a gradual increased presence of women.

 Medical Science

As we have pointed out before, women make a large percentage of advanced students. This is very much of medical scientists and the ratio of females is growing. Though it comes with substantial financial rewards, it is a job that takes years of dedication and practice. Both are character traits that women need to survive in the corporate scene.


Financial managers handle a wide variety of financial operations such as direct investment, cash management and reporting. Women make up over half of this corporate position and growing. An average financial manager earns well enough to enable them to take home a substantial amount to care for their loved ones.


Women are now joining men on the trucking industry’s benefits. This means treading over land and snow in order to get goods delivered to remote locations, in. The estimated number of women in the trucking industry is believed to be 7 or 8%; a substantial portion considering the grueling job, odd hours and endless driving. It is almost impossible to spend quality time with family and physically more taxing on women.

 The debate continues to rage on how the corporate world is adjusting to women becoming an increasingly critical part of the workforce. To ignore the increasing presence of women in almost every field and ensuring equality in the workplace will only be detrimental to an organization. Studies show that forthcoming generations of working women are likely to earn higher salaries in their careers. Women are not just progressing for their own sake, they are contributing immense value to the workforce in traditionally male-dominated industries.