There are many ways individuals can make noise. There are lots of ways to speak out – all of them valuable in different ways.

 Online Interaction

The easiest way to speak up is on social media. The impact may be negligible, but it can be a first step toward changing hearts and changing minds. Share links, news items and events on Facebook, Twitter etc. Share them with the folks who are most likely to listen to you – your friends and family.

They may not know much about an issue as much as you do – so they’re more likely to listen and perhaps become eager to learn more. At times, they may disagree with you, discussing your difference of opinion could make them rethink.

Conversation is how change can happen. Use your time online to start one.

 Opening Up

Even more important is for you to talk to your family, friends, and community in real life. If you find yourself involved in a conversation about issues that matter , it’s imperative that you speak your mind. When you hear someone say something offensive, speaking up is an act of protest.

Conversations are through which we can protest in our personal lives. Silence is complicity and speaking up as much as possible, in as many scenarios as possible is where change will ultimately manifest.

 Give Your Opinion or Feedback

Feedback matters - your input is important to the folks who matter. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or write an email to a company or magazine or TV network. Your input is important to those who are producing content. They don’t want unhappy consumers – challenge them to do better.

Signing petitions might seem too easy to be important, but petitions can effect change. Don’t hesitate to sign one. Petition campaigns can shake up media, marketing, and even political decisions.

Engage the System

Another effective way to bring about change is to engage the system – consistently and thoroughly. Chances are that you can reach out to your elected officials on Twitter. Those people in charge of legislation and efforts to shepherd progress.

When it’s election time, you get to choose candidates and positions. Vote for what you believe in, and demand accountability. Vote so that you can engage someone in exchange for your support. Keep in mind that they’re public servants and their job is to serve the community.

You can encourage your friends to get involved and motivate your peers. Urge those who need representation the most to show up.

 Look up organizations in your community who are tackling issues you care about, talk with them on how they plan to take action and bring about change.