The time for resistance and empowerment is now.

 A few months ago, the world shook when the might of the Women’s Marches took to the streets – the largest single day of action in US and in world history. But for some of us, it is not really possible to participate in such movements.

Some of us are juggling too many tasks at work, home and family, some of us don’t possess the emotional or physical capacity while for some of us speaking up comes at great risk.

And that’s okay. Marches are not the only way to fight back. There are lots of ways to further our cause and fight the good struggle that need not involve hitting the streets.

Every movement needs a lot of things, and none of us can possibly do it all. Its up-to us to play a part, and leave the rest to our compatriots. It’s all about finding the activist in us, doing what we can.

Here are a few ways how anyone can make a difference!

 1. Contribute Your Time

The groups doing the work on the ground no doubt need assistance now more than ever – people who can help them manage their offices, phone bank on weekends, organize events and material and so on. Be it a local support body, an abuse/suicide helpline, a food shelter or soup kitchen, there’s always an organization near you doing critical work who needs our help.

So, call up an organization in your community doing work you believe in and schedule some volunteer hours to spend your time there instead.

 2. Letting Money Talk

Try hitting them where it really hurts: their wallets. Boycott bigots and patronize businesses whose values align with yours. Choose to shop local, support feminist, POC and LGBTQIA owned businesses. Making an effort to spend differently may not feel like a meaningful way to effect change. But such decisions can go far toward spreading a message and establishing momentum.

Even if you do not spend much, your financial decisions – giving and shopping consciously – can make a difference. Supporting feminist businesses shows competing organizations that aligning with our values will only benefit them, and that is a considerable impact.

3. Donations

You may not have enough money to be a regular donor to an organization you care about, but you might spare a few dollars when you can. If you may not be able to do much of anything in this aspect, that’s okay too!

You can do even better by donating supplies. And there’s always most common (and the easiest) gesture of goodwill: donating things you don’t need anymore.


We all can do something.

We all can do more.

We all can do better.