Sewing a New Story

Women Like Us Foundation creates awareness and offers grants to women leadership that fights human trafficking and offers support to victims.



“For the first time in my life I am starting to see and feel differently about myself.” “ I do matter and my life counts too,” says Kansas.

Rethreaded began with a woman who had the passion and drive to actually change lives. Kristin Keen began forming authentic relationships with women on the streets and even in prisons where she visited. Kristin knew the need for these women was to feel safe in an environment where they could not only prosper but more importantly heal. Kristin started partnering with the local City Rescue Mission bringing her light into what appeared to be insuperable darkness. In 2012 Rethreaded was born.

Things we need to know….

Human Trafficking is the exploitation of another human’s vulnerabilities for the sake of a profit. Human Trafficking can happen to any person, at any age. There is no discrimination in the sheer evilness of this multi-billion dollar industry that denies freedom to millions of people around the world. Human trafficking is very much about exploiting, control, and manipulation. The sole purpose is to break a person’s spirit entirely. Kristin was determined not to let this cycle continue.

Rethreaded has directly helped over 30 women locally and 2,000 lives globally through making and importing survivor made goods. The iconic Grace Scarf has become a local symbol of freedom in the community as it represents the beginning of a new life. Rethreaded also partners with other freedom companies to continue to change the narrative to one of hope, grace, and reconciliation. There is great potential to keep reaching even further to help more survivors.

We are stronger together when we use our voices and resources to come along side these women in providing the proper tools that will help empower them to reach their full potential.

Rethreaded recognizes that healing is a critical component to reshaping these valuable lives and works within their community with other local organizations who focus on counseling, rehabilitation, and treatment. Rethreaded also bridges the gap by offering job training and employment within 5 facets of the company that include production, inventory, sales and marketing, finance and administration. Rethreaded has a 5- year model to assist in the restoration, development and experience needed to move on and pursue other careers even in leadership positions. Rethreaded believes in pressing in and stepping out to help create the lives these women long to have. It takes great courage and compassion to set such a task in motion and Rethreaded is doing just that.

Survivors come to Rethreaded and find a place of empowerment as they journey through the healing process. The language they use to describe themselves starts to change, the chains that bind are breaking and their lives are being transformed as they step into their true identity. Each day at Rethreaded is truly a tangible miracle.

Visions for the future are already becoming a reality at Rethreaded. They now employ 12 women full time and have implemented the Survivor Advocacy Program which provides employee assistant benefits for all our survivor employees. This program includes life skill classes, case management, and crisis intervention. Since all survivors are coming out of intense trauma, the Survivor Advocacy Program has been incredibly beneficial to our survivors and even the rest of the company as a whole as they increase their retention of women to 100%.

99% of the buyers in the sex trade are men and Rethreaded believes that a man’s journey into buying sex is just as broken as the women who are victims. “We need men who will stand up and be a voice to other men about the effects of this form of modern day slavery.” Sewing a new story is such a beautiful depiction of what it means to create a whole life for both men and women.

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Written by Shannon Stoddard