If you feel secure and comfortable in your job, it may be time to reassess your current commitment and job satisfaction. Why? Sometimes being too comfortable is an indication that growth just isn’t happening. And if you’re not learning and moving forward, you’re losing out.

The Role of Learning

Everybody wants to move up in one’s career and life. In today’s constantly evolving workplace, It’s safe to say that whatever you learned back in college has become pretty much irrelevant.

The days of steady upward career trajectories are numbered, and can in fact even be harmful to you in the modern era. A one-track career can narrow your knowledge base, and might lead eventually to a dead end. So it’s recommended that you commit to learning constantly, open up-to lateral moves and so on.


Dealing with Failure

Unfortunately, we tend to internalize failure as being “our fault,” even if it is the result of external factors or part of natural career progression. Get over thinking that failure means you’ve been at fault. The important thing is that you made an effort and not that it didn’t succeed! Owning up to our failures is never a cause for shame. In fact,  good leaders would rather hire someone who has experienced a lot and learned some important lessons in the bargain.

Be in strong and good company (or network). Remember that it is the number one unwritten rule of business success. A strong network can help one stay apprised of the curve-balls business can (and will) throw you and it can also function as your support system when you need it.

One good way to accomplish both these is to get involved with startups in your area of expertise. People who work at big companies tend to dismiss startups as being not serious or a flash in a pan. Its right that most startups fail to take off, but a few will definitely succeed. And there  can be a lot for one to learn from them even from those that fail.

Instead of being negative, get involved with younger ventures. In addition to the satisfaction you might get from mentoring entrepreneurs, you stand to gain a lot in the bargain.

Keep in mind that change is always good. And well, it’s the only way to keep up in these times!