The internet has created massive opportunities that shove gender bias aside, by empowering and enabling all entrepreneurs (especially women) to pursue their passions. Thanks to the growth of a sharing economy, solopreneurship, traditional entrepreneurship, and other creative paths are the future for women in leadership. But dreams don’t become goals without hard work.

Beyond having a sense of purpose, passion, and strong business acumen, mastering execution is what can truly propel female entrepreneurs forward.  And what does this even mean? In short, the skill of taking actionable steps to realize one’s goals.  

Here’s how it can be done:

1. Maintain focus.

Visualization is a powerful tool and when the going gets tough. Focus on a specific goal for motivation. It has been found that small business owners who use visual goal-setting in their businesses go on to achieve over half of such initial goals. To-do lists, keeping a journal, online reminder tools etc., can help you visualize and manage your workloads.

More importantly take action, no matter how small. Once you get the ball rolling, it’s easier to reach the ultimate goal.

2. Rejection and Sacrifice

Success tastes sweeter when the idea deserves the struggle. Entrepreneurs in general spend a lot of time, money and effort just to get their ideas off the ground. But keep at it and you can see your efforts bear fruit. Everyone would like to be in upper-management, but getting there isn’t easy.

Set simple, clearly defined goals, and figure out if your goal is worth the sacrifices it needs before making your moves.

3. Opportunity in Adversity

Success is built on failure. Every achiever can recount quite a few times when things just didn’t go their way. What makes such entrepreneurs stand apart is their persistence and the ability to keep going, no matter what.

4. Networking and Motivation

You can benefit hugely by being around others who demand your best. Invest in people and environments that provide inspiration, motivation, support and productive challenges. Take time to interact with positive people who are hard-working, inquisitive and able to dream big. They can give you the push necessary to stay on target.

Remember, in the real world, your people skills are that which sets you apart, more than your technical skills.

Being a woman should never determine the success or failure of your venture--your candor and hard work on the other hand, definitely should. As we have seen above, execution is that which separates the dreamers from the doers.