This is a repost from Catt Sadler's website.

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I discovered LumillaMingus earlier this year and fell in love with my first few bags.  There was this super luxurious but very wearable feel to them.  I was an instant fan.  Then I learned of Lulu's collaboration with Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow and was super impressed.  I knew I had to work with her.

With a similar aesthetic and taste, Lulu suggested a collaboration and I knew right away it was a fit! When she suggested the charity component, I couldn't refuse.  

If you decide to purchase a bag - and I hope you do - fifty percent of the proceeds go to a cause near and dear to my heart.  My mother who founded the Women Like Us Foundation, took me to Kenya a few summers ago to show me several of the schools and organizations the charity supported there.  One of them was the Olmalaika Home.  It is a space that rescues girls who are victims of FGM.  I was so moved by this place, the girls, and the woman who started Olmalaika, Kim Dewitt.  I met several young girls while I was there, but one had such an impact on me.  Jacki.  She was tall and beautiful and quiet.  She had big dreams.  Devastatingly, she fell ill earlier this year and tragically lost her life way too young.  She was only 17.  

We named our bag the Jacki bag in her memory.  There are many girls there with such bright futures and my hope is the proceeds from the sales of this bag go to sustaining the school - all made possible by my mom's work through the Women Like Us Foundation.