True to the mission of Women Like Us Foundation,

we marched in tandem with the world.

It was unusually bright and sunny this Saturday as hundreds of thousands packed the streets of L.A for the Women’s March. After heavy rains in the Southern California region, and with even more heavy weather predicted it was as if the sun too had come out in support.

The local demonstration was coordinated in unity with the march in Washington, and drew an estimated 750,000. The masses streamed from Pershing Square toward City Hall and back again in a loud but peaceful stand for equal rights and a defense of civil liberties.The turnout was so overwhelming that the march which was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. was delayed by more than an hour. “In my 30 years of being (with the department), this is the biggest crowd I’ve observed in downtown. It was visually impressive,” observed Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Andrew Neiman.

The gathering in L.A. was so crowded that several participants were at times pinned in place, struggling to even get their arms up to take selfies. In attendance were dozens of celebrities, including Natalie Portman, Barbra Streisand, Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard, Jane Fonda, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Laverne Cox and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Pink was everywhere – lots of women wore pink hats and pink trench coats—to be visible to the news copters hovering above. Many others carried pink balloons that were decorated with slogans. And lots of women in the crowd wore pink, knitted cat-eared hats known as “pussyhats” in protest.

The event organizers had planned the Women's March in L.A. as well as in other cities around the nation to make a stand for equality. The huge rally in the capital (an estimated million strong) and marches from coast to coast were largely peaceful. It could almost certainly turn out to be the largest demonstration recorded in US history.

Most of the participants were marching to support women’s freedom and reproductive rights, after an election campaign that brought debates about misogyny to the forefront of the nation.

But above all that, the Women’s March emphasized the power of women, their work, and their ability to change the world. It was about all of us linking arms together and making a difference in the world. Supporting the rights of all people, unity, integrity, the love of mankind, the planet and the world. The Women Like Us Foundation too was proud to participate for the greater good of the world through supporting women’s leadership.