Manny Santayana



Supporter of the Women Like Us Foundation
Investor for the upcoming Women Like Us Documentary

Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change the World

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Manny Santayana grew up in a rural town in Pennsylvania. He and his parents lived a modest life, his mother was a seamstress and his father worked on a dairy farm. “My parents were such kind people, they always believed in doing the right thing, always!” When Manny left high school his parents had saved their money to enable Manny to pursue his desires to attend Penn State University to study Psychology; he was fascinated to learn about the human condition, the human spirit. Manny decided to do something to make a difference in the world.

In 2004, Manny was headlined by ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings as “Person of the Week” for his contribution in Vietnam and return of US military dog tags to those who served and their families. Sponsorship of his work with Veterans was advised by Robert McNamara former Secretary of Defense- -under both JFK and LBJ, The Pentagon, Rudy Giuliani/Giuliani Partners, Senator John McCain’s Office and Senator James Beach of New Jersey. In 2007, Manny was appointed to the National Education Center Corporate Council by Jan Scruggs, founder of the VVMF and “Vietnam Wall” memorial, chaired by Christos Katsakos and Colin Powell. Manny is currently launching an electronic trading platform for security finance with BLACKLIGHT.

While his achievements are admirable, Manny defines his success quite differently than the accomplishments on his resume. “Success is about creating quality life experiences, whether it is with a client or with the staff. The essence of what our life story is about is determined by our quality of life. What’s important is the spirit of the human condition.”

Passionate about the growth of women in the financial arena he says, “We have had 40% women on the trading desk over the last 13-14 years, hoping to create a more realistic workplace that is reflective of larger society.  Adding female employees to the workplace adds stability… stability to your marketing, branding, and sales message to your clients.  The diversity adds normalization.”

Manny first heard about The Women Like Us Foundation and their efforts through his friend Andy Waldman, a fellow Wall Street friend who is now the owner of the popular women’s magazine, FOCUS. Manny became a supporter and investor in the foundation after hearing about their efforts to create awareness and to bring change and opportunity to others in need. “I support The Women Like Us Foundation and their mission to support women in their efforts to improve the lives of others both locally and globally.”

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Written By: Sommer Bannan