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 Sally Colon-Petree

President of the Los Angeles Initiative- Women Like Us Foundation 

Director & Producer of the upcoming Women Like Us Documentary





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“The things in my life that could have knocked me down inspired me. My mother always instilled within me to give back.” Sally grew up in a difficult Chicago neighborhood where she and her family did not feel welcome. “We were targets of such unfortunate discrimination. They would chase me from school and they would set our garage on fire.” Sally explains, “it was my mother who would always remind me that you cannot change the behavior of others, and regardless of their actions we are to always unconditionally love our neighbors.” It was Sally’s mother who instilled within her heart to always love and to always give back. “I knew that I would always be that little girl who would help others feel the love that my mother modeled for me.”

At a young age Sally knew she was “destined for Hollywood.” Sally graduated from Oral Roberts University where she studied Film and Television Production, and in 1996 set out for her move to the big city of Los Angeles, California. While pursuing her career in the entertainment industry, her mother’s voice remained clear and strong within her heart. Sally began working with The Dream Center fifteen years ago (a foundation in Los Angeles that provides home, shelter, and services to those in difficult life circumstances). Sally knew she could give back by simply sharing her own knowledge and her own basic abilities; she joined as a board member on the family floor (one floor in the 15-story building dedicated to homeless families), and worked with the youth who had a desire to pursue dreams in film and entertainment.  

Sally first learned about The Women Like Us Foundation by attending an event at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, California. “I was inspired by the work they were doing. I knew this was a chance for me to give to others not just locally, but globally.” After Sally’s mother passed away, she decided to join the foundation on their humanitarian trip to Kenya… a trip Sally decided to film, a trip that began the incredible documentary about the passion of women making a difference in the world. In her production, she wanted to share the heartfelt stories and give acknowledgment to the inspiring women around us who are doing such incredible work for others. “We share a vision, our mission is to let women know that they can do something! If we all do a little bit, we can accomplish a lot together! I want people to step out of their comfort zones and do something for others. I want women to watch the documentary and think ‘what can I do?’ To shed light on what the Women Like Us Foundation is doing is an honor.”

The Women Like Us Documentary is coming soon!  To learn more, visit our website at www.womenlikeusfoundation.org




Written By: Sommer Bannan