The Women Like Us Foundation continues to acknowledge and commend women who are impacting world change like Caroline Barnett. We create awareness and raise funds to help these women grow their impact and sustain their initiatives. The Women Like Us Foundation has visited and provided mentorship to residents and women in The Dream Center. To learn more about Caroline Barnett and The Dream Center Foundation, visit our website at

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Caroline Barnett The Dream Center Featured in the Upcoming Women Like Us Documentary

“I’d likUnknowne to encourage women… your basic abilities matter and can be a miracle in someone else’s life. Don’t underestimate what you can bring to the table, and what your basic abilities can do in someone else’s life.” – Caroline Barnett

Caroline Barnett is the leader of Angelus Temple’s Women’s Ministry and has played a vital role in program development at The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. Caroline first visited The Dream Center in 1996, after hearing her family discuss the tremendous work being done there and the enormous impact they were having on the Los Angeles community. She grew up in the Los Angeles area, and knew the change that needed and could be done in the inner city neighborhoods. At the age of 18, Caroline found her life passion, to assist and support the men, women, and children within her own community. She became inspired by how many people were transforming their life, miracles happening daily through the work of the organization and their volunteers.

When Caroline first began volunteering, she and her best friend initiated the Food Truck Ministry, a mobile food bank, delivering food to impoverished families and individuals each day. Caroline recognized that the families who were most in need of food were unable to obtain it by lack of transportation and the means to transport it. She created a program to bring the food to locations, near elementary schools and through the neighborhoods that were suffering the most. Today, more than 50,000 people are fed each month through this outreach ministry. Caroline also became passionate about the Adopt-a-Block Program, where volunteers physically walk the streets, knock on the neighborhood doors, and help to clean the streets by picking up trash, cleaning up graffiti, and mowing the lawns of elderly. Caroline says, “There is so much more that we do at The Dream Center, this is just the surface.” In the fall they are initiating a program for Veterans in need of assistance, as well.

Caroline proclaims, “If you have ever heard yourself say, ‘Surely there is more to life than this,’ rest assured, you are not alone. Getting caught up in the day-to-day routine, it can be easy to feel as though you have nothing more to give, and yet there is so much you want to do to impact the world. For those who are willing to get out of the proverbial boat and trust in God’s ability to do miracles, there is more, so much more!” Caroline is passionate about inspiring others to find their God-given cause to change this world with just a little bit of effort and a lot of faith; simply their willingness.

Written By: Sommer Bannan