Women Like Us Foundation acknowledges the need for better prepared and educated youth within our own communities. Through the One Girl at a Time program, these high school girls can become our partners and serve as future committed and engaged women in making a substantial difference in all of our futures. These participants will also realize that they can be good will ambassadors for the United States, while becoming culturally literate of the world in which they live

A Message from Deb Myers— National Director of One Girl at a Time 

UnknownBlessed and Grateful. As we wrap up our 2015 One Girl at a Time season, I can’t help but reflect on how blessed we all are. This year has proven to be one where I know and appreciate the impact that we not only made on our many underserved teen girls in our One Girl at a Time Program, but the impact they have had on me, the people of our team, and those we met along the way. We have had such a tremendous and positive effect in the lives of thousands of young women; in reflection, it is truly emotional and humbling. Thank you to all of those who have enabled The Women Like Us Foundation to continue to support women and girls, create awareness, and change lives for the better!

I want you to know that our teen girls were directly impacted by your efforts! I want you to know that because of this program and those who support it, we have helped educate and guide the path of these girls to be informed, healthy, and happy. ALL of the girls surveyed confirmed that they are more confident, understand their value to society, and intend to become leaders in their community to impact change and growth. Every single one of the girls understands the importance of their education, giving back, and the effect of the decisions they make today.

This year the One Girl at a Time youth participated in workshops and mentoring sessions that aimed to inform and enrich their lives as young women. Our girls today are battling such difficult pressures and obstacles; these mentoring programs give tools, skills, and strengths to cope. Girls Night In introduced the girls to professionals in the areas of Gender in the Media, Bullying, Healthy Coping Skills, and Human Trafficking Awareness. On Career Day the girls visited Fagre Baker Daniels Law Firm where they met successful women who had also come from difficult backgrounds, not much different than their own. Girls also attended Indiana Reparatory Theatre and Dinner, which gave them an experience that our underserved girls would not normally have. This past winter the girls participated in Outreach, Inc. where they learned about the life of homeless teens, and helped gather items for their peers who are currently in difficult life circumstances. Throughout this last year girls learned self-defense, nutrition and cooking skills. They learned to love and support each other as sisters. Most importantly, they learned that they too have the ability to achieve their dreams. These girls are finding their worth to society, their confidence, and their voice!  1432744099530

There is no doubt in my mind that what we are doing in One Girl at a Time Program is both life-changing and is helping create our women leaders of our future.  Together we can come together in love, compassion, and support!  Together we can make a difference!   Again, thanks to all those who helped make it happen!

Deb Myers

National Director of One Girl at a Time Program & President of Women Like Us Foundation

Edited By: Sommer Bannan


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