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Women Like Us Foundation continues to acknowledge and commend women who are impacting world change like Aleanya G. Moore. We create awareness and raise funds to help these women grow their impact and sustain their initiatives. To learn more about Ladies Under Construction and their efforts to recognize and empower women and our youth.

Aleanya G. Moore was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio in a low-income housing complex with her grandmother. She grew-up without a father, a mother addicted to street drugs and she lived in an environment, in a neighborhood, where she recalls she “was never taught her own value and self-worth.” When reminiscing back to her childhood, she admits she “started out with many obstacles to overcome.” In high school, Aleanya joined the school basketball team, a moment that dramatically changed the course of her life. It was through sports where she gained the tools she needed to build her self-confidence; she developed a support system, an outlet, and gained a mentor. She worked closely with her coach, Mr. Alto King, who recognized her academic and personal potential and became a role model and guide in her life. Aleanya made the decision to become the first member of her family to go to college to pursue a degree, a personal determination that became a great success!

During and after college, Aleayna’s heart was guided towards the youth. She felt a connection to unguarded and vulnerable kids who had been exposed to similar childhood struggles, those who came from backgrounds like her own. And, like Aleanya’s high school basketball coach, Aleanya wanted to give back and “lend a supporting hand” and mentorship to those children in need. Aleanya developed a mission to equip and empower the women of our youth; she became involved in multiple youth-based organizations including: Girl Scouts of America, the Boys and Girls Club of America, she was a Youth Counselor at Marion County Juvenile Center, and she worked with the Indianapolis Public Schools as a Parent Liaison. Currently, she is an Admissions and Outreach Counselor for Independence JobCorps.


Ladies Under Construction Inc. is a nonprofit youth program in Indianapolis. It is their mission to build successful women by empowering and inspiring young girls from the age of eight to eighteen. Aleanya G. Moore and her team provide mentoring and outreach services to girls in a safe, consistent, and beneficial manner. The services include group and individual mentoring, literacy enhancement, and participation in volunteer projects. In addition, the mentor volunteers provide guidance to enhance social skills, provide strategies for managing emotions, as well as improving communication skills and building confidence. Their desire is to rebuild the girls’ individual faith and empower them to grow into strong, determined, confident women. They work on developing skills necessary to deal with life’s many challenges and obstacles.

Aleanya’s life objective is to use the difficult circumstances she has endured to inspire and empower the youth and women of today. Her message: “we are all under construction, nobody is 100% complete.” Aleanya lives by her pledge that she now shares with her organization:




We are SMART




We are the FUTURE


Written By: Sommer Bannan