Kim was raised in Kenya and has spent 18+ years of her life there. She is responsible for THE OLMALAIKA HOME, mission trips, sponsorship programs, and is passionate about the people of Kenya and ending female genital mutilation/early childhood marriage. Read her interview as she shares her story & how Women Like Us Foundation has helped her!


Kim with the girls of Olmalaika home in Sekenani

Tell us a little bit about yourself & your story

When I was two years old my parents accepted a call to go as missionaries to Kenya, and I spent most of my childhood there, After almost 12 years of being at home in Kenya my parents accepted a call to Beirut Lebanon. My life changed dramatically. We lived their during some of the worst years of their civil war, spending days in bomb shelters and hearing bullets and rockets whistle by, we were finally evacuated to the island of Cyprus. I flew from Cyprus to boarding school  in Singapore for 2 years. Those were some of the hardest years of my life. I was far from home, the only American student raised in Kenya. I looked at life differently than most around me - I realized then that my heart was Kenyan. My parents moved back to the US my Junior year in high school and I vowed that when I was old enough I would head back to the country that held my heart (Kenya)In 1999 my husband and I accepted a position in Kenya and moved back with our three young children . I was thrilled! In 2005 our family moved back to the US, and God opened a door for me in 2006 to be able to take medical/dental groups to Kenya  and opened the door for me to be able to work with young Maasai girls at high risk of FGM and early childhood marriage.

Why do you do what you are doing?

These girls are my passion in life. If we can bring education to both the young and the old while preserving all that is good in their culture then one day there will be no female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage. It is a very slow process but I know that each girl in THE OLMALAIKA HOME will someday leave and go back to her community and without a doubt I know her children will never have to experience what she did - thus the ripple affect that will change communities and countries around the world.


The Angels of Olmalaika Home

Tell us about your organization & what it does?

Global Village Ministries is a Christian non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the US that provides medical and dental care in Kenya, plus long term projects that include educational opportunities for children and THE OLMALAIKA HOME - which is a home for young Maasai girls at high risk of genital mutilation (FGM) and early childhood marriage.

The mission of THE OLMALAIKA HOME - is to house and protect young disadvantaged Maasai girls, providing a warm, nurturing and loving environment; guiding them to see themselves as persons of value through God's eyes; fostering respect and appreciation for their peers, teachers, leaders, and culture, enabling them to be a generation of educated, productive, respected and valuable young women.  We currently have 28 girls ages 5-17 living at the home and attending school.

How has Women Like Us Foundation supported you?

They came to visit our home and participated in the daily activities along side the girls. They donated funds to purchase water tanks and piping to enable us to have water on the property. They continue to support and bring about awareness of FGM and early childhood marriage on their website and via the documentary they are producing. They have encouraged and inspired me personally in so many ways.

Linda & Catt with the girls  at Olmalaika Home!

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