"Women Like Us believes in sustainability and support, not simply a one time connection and then on to other things". Our dear friend and supporter Sally Colon-Petree accurately described the efforts of Women Like Us. We strive to bring not only change and hope to the lives we touch, but sustainability and long-lasting connections and friendships as well. Our work is never finished; there is always an aspect of a program that could be improved or expanded and more lives that could be empowered.

This could not be better illustrated than in the FOCUS magazine article featuring Women Like Us. This articles follows the adventures and work of the Kenya trip as seen through Sally's eyes. It is easy to pick up on the passion in Sally's words and the genuine love she feels for the strong, magnificent women she met along this life-changing journey. The Kenya trip was not merely a vacation; it was an opportunity to empower those who might need it most and to leave a stronger, empowered person as well.

One of the more intriguing aspects of this humanitarian trip was that the entire riveting experience was caught on video. In the new, upcoming year everyone will be able to view the lives of women all over the globe who are changing the world one day at a time. This documentary of Women Like Us' programs and more importantly the stories and work of the women featured in it will truly inspire all who have the privilege to watch it. By viewing this documentary, we wish to inspire women from all walks of life to see the issues in their community and instead of saying "someone else will take care of it" say "I can fix that". Together, we are women changing the world.

You can see the whole FOCUS article here: http://focusmag.us/moving-pictures-sally-colon-petrees-emotional-documantary/