Women Like Us supports women-led causes in many states and countries. The organization we would like to highlight today is the wonderful Global Village Ministries. Starting simply as mission trips providing simple medical and dental care in 2006, Global Village Ministries has since grown into a permanent establishment in underprivileged areas. What originally started as a group of dedicated people has now grown into a diverse, successful team providing the basic essentials of life along with the tools to create a better future.

Global Village Ministries commits their time and energy to serving others by cultivating their passion and good will in the three pillars of health and human services, education, and economic development. They provide free quality health care to people living in remote areas who may not otherwise have access to it. The ministries’ educational programs and sponsorships allow young children to learn and grow while affording them opportunities for a better future. Global Village Ministries also provides a safe home for disadvantaged Maasai girls and they oversee building projects to foster the economy of the surrounding area.

The medical treatment provided by the organization alone has reached thousands of disadvantaged people. Just recently, a young child who was once blind can now see and experience the world around him while infant burn victims have recovered remarkably from treatments all made possible by Global Village Ministries undying efforts. The safe haven, Olmalaika Home, has sheltered 29 young girls from the harsh, daunting travesties experienced on a daily basis. In addition to saving children, they are also cultivating a love for learning and instilling the importance of an education. Several children are now off of the streets and excelling in school programs.

The most pressing need at the moment for Global Village Ministries is an annex for the home. With the growing educational and medical programs, more space is essential in order to keep up the high caliber reputation. The additional space would also allow for the addition of counseling and tutoring into their vast and successful program. Donations of all sizes are welcome because even the smallest amount can make the largest difference in someone else’s life.