After nearly eighteen hours on a number of planes, we arrived to Nairobi at around 6pm local time - 10 full hours ahead of LA time. Tired, jet lagged, but excited for what was to come, all of the women on our trip gathered their belongings and we made our way to the three busses waiting to take us to our hotel. When we arrived to the Fairmont Hotel in Nairobi, we were immediately met with warm "jambo!'s", hospitality, and fresh orange juice. The group was eager to explore our new setting and quickly sat down to dinner time at the hotel's delicious restaurant. The next morning we would meet Mama Margaret - founder of the Tenderfeet School - and learn about the troubles and successes of starting a school for orphaned children.

When we finally got to bed we were so excited about meeting Mama Margaret that we could barely sleep. The next morning we got up, ate another delicious meal, and set up all of our equipment to film her speaking to the group about the school. When she arrived, it was instantly clear that we were in the presence of an extraordinary woman.

As she spoke, the entire group was transfixed by her every word. Mama Margaret is truly an angel and has such a light about her despite all of the heartache she's been through in trying to set up this school. She explained to us how she got kicked out of multiple schools by various people for various reasons, but because she kept the kids needs at the forefront of her mind, she didn't give up. When asked how we could help her and the children - whether that be financially or with product donations, Mama Margaret simply said, "every meal you eat is a privilege. A warm bed is a privilege. All I ask is that you remember that."

imageSo, for Mama Margaret, let's all make a promise to be more aware, never take things for granted, and be present; what life brings is uncertain, but like Mama, attitude can be the difference between an adventure and an ordeal.