Women Like Us strongly believes in supporting women in their grand endeavors to change the world and make the lives of others better every day. We strongly believe every community needs a strong foundation which is why we support the four pillars of Education, Environment, Economic Development and Health and Human Services. One particular organization we support is Sow Much Good (SMG). SMG strives to give access to healthier foods and educate people on the benefits of a healthy life style. SMG works hard to eliminate socio-economic, racial and ethnic health disparities that arise from a lack of nutritious food in marginalized communities. They achieve food justice through programming and community based initiatives designed to provide equal access to organic food sources and by inspiring individuals to take charge and lead healthier lifestyles.






Everyone knows what a desert is: a hot, barren seemingly endless stretch of land that can only harbor the toughest of plants and animals. However, how many people have heard of an urban desert? Similar to a typical one, an urban desert is nearly bereft of healthy, affordable food for the surrounding population. Without access to proper nutrition, complications such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity can easily arise. A healthy diet is critical to the overall health and quality of life of an individual and no one knows this better than Robin Emmons, founder of Sow Much Good. After witnessing the decline of her brother’s recovery due to consumption of canned, sugary foods, Robin knew what she had to do. Already having a passion for gardening, the solution was self-evident: provide healthy affordable food to those living in marginalized communities. However, she did not stop there. Sow Much Good is dedicated to providing proper health education and promoting community initiative to live better, healthier lives.

Since the food revolution started in 2008, SMG has helped spare hundreds of people from nutritional starvation through education, local farm stands, the Grow Your Own program, and speaking opportunities.

If you would like to take part in eliminating urban deserts, you have plenty of opportunities! If you have lightly used gardening supplies collecting dust in your house, Sow Much Good could always benefit from additional supplies! Maybe you have a passion for gardening and helping people? SMG could always use the extra hands to help develop local gardens and educate people on the importance of homegrown healthy food! If you don’t have time to spare but still want to help out, donations are always welcome! Donations will benefit the education programs, community initiatives, and of course the actual development and maintenance of the very gardens creating opportunity and healthy living!