A few weekends ago, we held a GirlsNightIn event at the North Central High Learning center as part of our One Girl At A Time mentor program. It was a highly successful night filled with smiles, laughter, and growth. Were you unable to attend? Do not worry, it is an annual event and hopefully you will be able to participate next year. Until then, here are the highlights of the night! With 50 girls from the community attending, the night was sure to be a good time! The teen girls rotated through workshop stations aimed at creating awareness, discussion and Girl Power.

Some of the girls playing around, hula hooping, and having a good time!

One activity was creating Dream boards - a perfect way to use creativity and art to think about your future

Ladies from the Paul Mitchell Beauty School shared their expertise and wonderful stories!

Girls engaged in a workshop aimed at helping them in their future

Our very own Melissa Huber leads a workshop at the Girls Night In!

Fashion forward and hair dos were just one of the fun twists of the night!

These girls are silly…and we love them!














































An informed girl, is an empowered girl. With greater knowledge and self-confidence, a girl (or woman or anyone in fact) is limitless in their aspirations and accomplishments. The purpose of this workshop was to create confidence, (harbor) respect for each other, and educate girls on topics that could negatively affect them on a daily basis like bullying, eating disorders, human trafficking which in turn gave them the knowledge to be aware and understand different situations and therefore make them stronger.

Although it was only one night, it was life changing. This experience has given the girls the necessary tools to make informed decisions and to lead happier and healthier lives.

Most importantly though, everyone had a blast! Great lessons were learned, but more importantly, great memories and friendships were made.

Great words to live by







If you would like more information about our One Girl At A Time program you can check it out here: http://womenlikeusfoundation.org/one_girl_at_a_time/#sthash.qqo9GsEs.dpbs

Don't forget, you can always use the hashtag #WLUFOneGirl on twitter to find out most recent news and events

A huge, heartwarming thank you to Sharon McCarthy and all the volunteers who made this night possible!