Women are changing the world. Day by day, week by week, person to person, women are making the world a better place for everyone. Women like you and me recognize the imperfections and weaknesses of society and are not satisfied with just letting matters remain stagnant and unchanged. Women like us are taking matters into their own hands and making significant improvements in countless facets of society. Women Effect - a great time for everyone








The Women Effect unites these world-changing, like-minded women to create a mutual collaboration that provides support and encouragement to all. Additionally, WE encourages all women to join and take part in this movement. By becoming involved in the Women Effect, you can connect with women who are dedicated to improving their local and global community. Participation in this grand movement gives you access to programs and webinars led by the very women who are changing the world. You will be able to support their work by volunteering, fundraising, and participating in humanitarian travel. Locally, the Women Effect Movement provides support for the One Girl At A Time program in which your involvement will provide support, encouragement, and mentorship to young teens in your community. This is the perfect opportunity for women everywhere to make an impact on the lives of others and in turn improve their own lives.

Women Effect ---bringing great minds together!








Will you take part in this big movement? Will you become an integral part of the Women Effect? Will you join WE?