This holiday season, YOU could give the gift of compassion and love. This holiday season you could encourage, empower, and engage young, underprivileged girls in your community.  A donation to the One Girl program does more than just fund a mentor program; it changes lives and inspires young girls to reach for the stars. You have heard plenty about the program, but have you heard from volunteers and why they chose, out of thousands of options, to support Women Like Us and the One Girl At A Time program? Listen to the volunteers give their heart felt reasons and maybe you will become just as inspired.

By volunteering not only do you get to share your own wisdom, but you also learn and grow from interacting with the young girls in the One Girl Program. Kirby Filling has firsthand experience with this. “Meeting the girls, and hearing their stories, and being a mentor to them inspires me. I see WLU giving back, and changing so many lives and am proud to be part of the organization.”

One of our volunteers, Karen Gee, believes in the Women Like Us Foundation mantra: Encourage, Empower, Engage. She passionately believes “all women can be the best they can be through embracing who they are and what they have been given in life.” She supports Women Like Us because we share the same core values.

At Women Like Us, no gesture is too small or action too grand that we will not attempt to improve the lives of young girls in our community and beyond. We are proud of our work and we are eternally grateful to our volunteers and supporters. We would not have reached half as many girls without your constant devotion, passion, and intellect. Volunteer Frankie Montoya makes us here at WLUF know that all the hard work is worth it: “to support WLU is a great pleasure and puts a smile on my face knowing at least one young woman will be touched daily with WLU help.”

Thank You.