The holiday season is a time of selfless giving and true loving, a time to be with family and to rekindle old friendships. These days, however, they feel more like a mad commercialized rush that generates only stress, tension, and general displeasure. This year do not get wrapped up in materials and negativity. Instead make this holiday season reminiscent of its true meaning. The goal is simple: help Women Like Us Foundation with their work of helping women change the world and teaching teen girls about giving back and becoming Women Like me.

Young girls in Costa Rica learn the importance of growing and helping

Women can change the world

The task is even simpler: let your family and friends know that you would love nothing more than for them to donate to Women Like Us and our signature program, One Girl at a Time. Instead of receiving a gift this year you will just end up returning or hiding away in storage to collect dust, why not give a gift that will truly make a difference in someone's life? Share this link with family and friends (The Gift of Hope) - they won't have to struggle through holiday traffic, they won't have to endure the typical holiday stress. Instead, they will simply be making the world of a difference in a young woman's life.

When it comes down to it, how could you not share this? It is painstakingly easy and helps a strong mentor program benefit the future.

We need your help to make an impact.  Will you help us?

By donating, you support our mission to support women changing the world. By donating, you give hope.

Additional link to Donation Site: