Recently, Women Like Us Foundation has been promoting the One Girl At A Time Program with much vigor and enthusiasm and for good reason. This interactive program provides mentorship and guidance for young women and the humanitarian trip that is taking place right now is an essential part. Our largest fundraiser of the year, the Afternoon Tea and Speaker Series, promoted and helped fund the way for several deserving, hard-working girls to travel to Costa Rica. While exploring the vast richness of a foreign country, they are learning to not only appreciate new cultures and different ideas, but are also learning about themselves and how they can utilize their innate skills to help others.

Although the One Girl At A Time Program is an important part to our foundation, Women Like Us supports many women-based and women-led causes. In fact, within the last year, the organization has been an essential part in raising awareness in the greater Indianapolis area about Human Trafficking. In 2012, the Women Like Us Foundation campaign for the year and for the Afternoon Tea was human trafficking. Our largest event speaker was renowned Somaly Mam, a CNN Hero and 100 Top Influential Women per Time Magazine. Our attendance of 400 women impacted countless numbers of citizens and raised awareness about the grim reality of human trafficking in the United States and the warning signs for intervention and prevention. Just this year we have combined our efforts and committed to incorporate the groups Unlikely Heroes and Saving Innocence in our Los Angeles One Girl at a Time Program to assist with restorative opportunities for girls.



To find out more about what Women Like Us is doing to end Human Trafficking and what you can do to help, follow this link: 

Women Like Us is constantly striving to improve the lives of women locally and globally. With every step, new fundraiser and campaign, women are changing the lives the women. Women are the future; they have a voice. If you listen, there are wonderful things to hear.