When you donate to our July Campaign for Girls, we will give you a personal shout out on Facebook and Twitter to show our appreciation and gratitude for you contribution. However, we are not stopping there! And you can do more!  Did you know you can set up your own mini Crowdrise page and support us to your friends and family?  It’s FREE and easy. Here’s the link http://www.crowdrise.com/womenlikeusfoundatio1. AND - If you make your own mini crowdrise fundraiser then we will give you and a business/organization of your choosing a shoutout.

We here at WLU appreciate every single contribution, volunteer, and advocate dearly. We would not be half this far without your constant support. We also know it can be difficult to balance everything that life throws at you. We might just understand that more than most. One person can make a difference and everybody should try.

If you're still on the fence and not sure what to do --- checkout the girls that your contribution will be benefitting!


Tlotlo Westmoreland is a passionate, fun-loving girl who is determined to help women. She has already learned a tremendous amount through the One Girl At A Time program.


Ashley Hunter is a driven, motivated girl who will bring life and warmth to any situation. She loves to take on challenges and loves the team building she's been doing in our program.


Meet Erianna Bass! She has already taken leadership opportunities and wishes to continue encouraging and making change wherever she goes. We're so proud of her growth in our program.

To see who else your donation could benefit checkout this site!