It's not every month we strive to raise $15,000. Yes, we're always trying to raise awareness and donations to benefit our girls' programs, but this July is different. This money is solely for the One Girl At A Time humanitarian trip. It's a trip of a lifetime that every girl should have the chance to attend and something as materialistic as money should not get in their way.

International travel is always exciting. The new sites and different cultures are always enticing for first-time world travelers. However, this is not the exclusive purpose of this trip. Of course the trip will be joyous and filled with laughter, but more importantly it will instill a profound knowledge about life and the world in the girls that is vital yet not easily found in society. Each girl will build a new respect for that which is different from them. They will be humbled by the differences in style of living. They will learn to appreciate the most important things in life like family, love, community, friendship, and compassion for all and feel less attached to material items that are just a fleeting thing. It is quite remarkable that these essential characteristics of personality can be developed through a simple international trip, but time and time again we find that it is true. 

This trip is just one part of the One Girl At A Time program. Each girl, assuming the funds are raised, will be sent to Costa Rica. While in the United States though, these girls take part in an intensive mentorship. Our hand-picked mentors give real-world advice and relay personal stories of success and failure, triumphs and defeat, happiness and sadness all in order to ensure that though we may face hardships daily, we do not stop. We do not give up. Everything we experience, down to the mundane, shapes who we are, what we will become, and how we change the world.

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