Putting an end to human trafficking may seem an impossible task for one person, but every individual can do his or her part. Know the signs of human trafficking so you can report it.

Look over the indicators of human trafficking to become more informed:

  • Are there travel documents & ID? Who has control of these?
  • Were the individual traveling to destination for specific job, but engaged in different employment?
  • Is the victim forced to perform sexual acts as employment?
  • Are there juveniles engaged in commercial sex?
  • Does the victim owe money to employer or does employer hold wages?
  • Does the employer instruct the victim on what to say to law enforcement/immigration officials?
  • Can the victim freely leave employment/situation?
  • Are guards at work/harboring site or video cameras to monitor/ensure no escapes?
  • Does the victim have freedom of movement? The ability to freely contact family/friends or socialize/attend religious services?

This information and more can be found at http://www.ice.gov/human-trafficking/

Keep your eyes open and speak up.