humantraffickingStatistics are thrown around all the time. This number out of that number of people will get this treacherous disease in their lifetime. Large, incomprehensible numbers are thrown around on every news show, site, and blog. Not only does the large value of the statistic boggle our minds, but the sheer amount of statistics thrown around monthly, weekly, daily on the news desensitizes us to the significance of them. It’s hard enough to grasp just how many people compose 1 million, let alone take in every single statistic that is thrown our way. Having said that, I am about to throw another statistic your way, but I’ll try to add some perspective. I’ll dice it into manageable chunks per se.  Here it goes: 27 million people are enslaved across the world. Therefore the population of enslaved individuals is larger than the population of Texas, the second largest state of the United States. As if that were not bad enough, the average age of human trafficking victims is 13-14 years old. Imagine a kid just two years out of elementary school, a child just at the beginning of his or her teenage years with plenty of life yet to live.

There is never a reason, excuse or purpose for slavery. No human of any age or gender should have to endure the cruelty of enslavement. Many organizations are raising awareness about modern day slavery and demanding legislation to become more involved. Most recently, Women Like Us Foundation has taken a stand as well. As mentioned in a previous post, we are teaming up with Half the Sky Movement and on September 11 Sarah Hurley, President and Co-Founder of Kristy's House, and Linda Rendleman, MS, CEO/Co-Founder of Women Like Us Foundation will be speaking the Sex Trafficking awareness event. If you would like to learn more about this problem and event, keep up with the blog and website and sign up for our newsletter:

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