Here at Women Like Us Foundation, we believe women and girls are the future. The mantra we stick to is: encourage, empower, engage. Let me repeat: encourage, empower, engage. Sometimes reaching this goal only takes a simple gesture or smile. However, other times it takes hard work, dedication, and faith to not only encourage, empower, and engage young girls, but for them to be able to do it themselves. We are constantly working and striving to change the negative conditions that so many women and girls live in. We do not, however, work alone. In fact, collaboration is an integral part of success. This summer WLU will be working with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church to promote the Half the Sky Movement.

On Wednesday June 5, part 3 of Half the Sky Movement will be held at Fellowship Hall from 6-8:30. The evening will focus on the vital importance of education in the lives of girls and women. It’s easy to see school as a privileged commodity that is often taken for granted because it’s an integral part of so much of our lives. Yet, something as important as an education, something that opens thousands of doors for a better, more enriching life is not a privilege; it’s a right. At this dinner event, speakers Ellen Daniels-Howell and Marsha Reynolds will share tales of their personal experiences across the globe and the power of education.

In September, our own Linda Rendleman will be speaking at part 4 of Half the Sky Movement. This event will shed light on the still-present horror of Sex Trafficking. It goes without saying that this atrocity should not exist in any part of history, but especially not in the 21st century. Women Like Us has recently taken a stand against sex trafficking and will continue to work to end it. 

There will always be struggles and evils to concur. Sometimes the road is simple, but more often than not the road is a long and treacherous one. Things will rarely go according to plan and we’ll have to roll with the punches. However in the end, girls are always worth it.

For more information about Half the Sky Movement check out this website: