Through our humanitarian travel, we have created awareness, funded and volunteered in support of these women-led causes.

Where we serve:

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current global projects



Olmalaika Home for Girls suffering from FGM.

We raised funds for a clean water tank, worked on the ground with the girls and helped carry water from the river, make bread, wash their clothes and interviewed them for our documentary to create awareness.

Needs:  We are currently raising funds for a second dormitory to house more girls who are victims of FGM.



N A Noel School

Over time we have built latrines, supplied funds for lunches and medical assistance for the children, and most recently installed water tanks to hold fresh water that we supply. We recognize the importance of health and education and have most recently we have implemented a garden, delivered 900 textbooks to the children, helped support the teachers salaries and more.  In addition, we helped with transportation to Nairobi and medical bills to restore a young girls eye sight. The children and Mrs Tom, the school manager, are in our documentary to create awareness of their school.

NEEDS: We are currently raising funds for a water and septic system for hygiene and safety.

Victorious Teens Bridge

We donated school supplies, sanitary pads and toothbrushes/toothpaste and issued a grant for developmental resources and field trips for teens to help them understand the world of work and understanding self-sustaining futures. Ann Kabui is interviewed in our documentary to create awareness of her work.

NEEDS:  We are currently raising funds for sanitary towel kits that will allow girls in northern Kenya to stay in school during their menstrual cycle. 

Previous projects

Dominican Republic

Homes for Hope Women Like Us Foundation brought 55 volunteers to the Dominican Republic and built homes for three homeless families.

Costa Rica

El Yue Women's Center  we provided grants for new library, computers and school supplies.

Costa Rica

We provided Carbon Elementary School grants for textbooks, painted building, construction, provided electrical upgrades and a well for clean water and English teacher salaries.


Ramana's Garden Orphanage we provided grants for building a girls dormitory



Shanti Uganda Birthing Center we provided grants for birthing center, midwife and birthing kits. ARE