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First person accounts from women in a world striving to move forward. Stories of struggle and empowerment from Kenya, a land across the world. Uplifting tales of women across continents joining hands to support women-hood.

  • A snapshot into Women Like Us: Together Changing the World that will reinforce the belief that it is women who truly recognize the needs of the world;
  • True stories of women who choose to spend their time on earth creating change and lifting up the needy;
  • Portrayals of amazing women from around the world who hold in their palms the energy of compassion, collaboration and communication;
  • The efforts of women who have the ability to lead humanity to a brighter future.
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It’s not just a book, but an enthralling journey in pursuit of a noble cause.

Get your own copy, spread the word, help make our voice and caring heard. You can be part of a truly humanitarian initiative that’s global in ambition and a rock of support for the less fortunate in our world.

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