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Approximately 1.2 million girls and boys are trafficked each year. That's only in the United States.

On a Global Scale, the greatest form of human trafficking is for sexual exploitation, with women and children being the most vulnerable. In second and third world countries, migrants hand over their lives to people promising a safe passage to new destinations promising fresh opportunity, only to find themselves forced into sex work or slavery. According to the United Nations 2016 Global Report on Trafficked Persons, some of these sexually exploited individuals are also at risk for organ harvesting.

Women Like Us Foundation has a long history of creating awareness of sex trafficking both locally and globally.  Our support of women's leadership against sex trafficking is making a difference for lives of women and girls. 

Read accounts of women on the ground, fighting sex trafficking and stories of those who have overcome this growing epidemic in this ebook.

Our mission is to promote awareness and fund women’s leadership for eradication of sex trafficking.

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