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Donate to Help Teens in Nakuru, Kenya

2012-2017 impact from women like us foundation

We were thrilled to make it back to Nakuru, Kenya in June, 2017 where we met with Victorious Teens Bridge created and led by Ann Kabui.  After finding them three years ago on our last trip to Kenya, we've supported their efforts for teen education.   We saw the need and met the women who are making change for these children's lives.  Women Like Us Foundation has funded enough sanitary towels to keep 50 girls in school for a year.  Many girls in Kenya are forced to drop out of school 5-6 days per month because they have no protection when they have their menses.  We have funded educational resources, such as printers for their cybercafe and field trips to job locations to encourage careers and brighter futures.

Women Like Us Foundation partnered with Days for Girls and the women of the Barely Threaded Quilting gtoup along with donors to take 100 sustainable feminine hygiene kits to the teen girls of the Victorious Teens initiatives.

Through the use of these kits, girls can wash the sanitary towels rather than dispose of them as is many times the case elsewhere.  The impact we have made helps the girls stay in school for 2-3 years.

 Angela Palmieiri giving Victorious Teens founder Ann Kabui a lap top for needed access to research and learning.

Angela Palmieiri giving Victorious Teens founder Ann Kabui a lap top for needed access to research and learning.

Victorious Teens understands that when girls get their education they need a partner that has also moved forward in his development.  Women Like Us brought sports equipment and underwear for the boys, along with a laptop for all the children.  We also trained the teachers how to use water filters for cleaning drinking water for all.



·      Victorious Teens Bridge International seeks to inform, empower and nurtureunderserved teenagers towards self-realization and foster development for future leadership. They strive to be the leading organization that empowers and nurtures vulnerable teenagers and women in Africa.



·      This youth empowering organization was founded by a group of three women led by Ann Kabui in Kenya, Africa. This small group of women dedicated every spare minute to providing support to vulnerable teenagers while empowering their parents through “table banking” to inform and encourage independent income through specialized activities. With time, additional issues were brought the women’s attention. They noticed children were missing school due to a lack of sanitary towels and undergarments. This absenteeism led to dropouts, drug abuse, early marriages, and prostitution. Unfortunately, they became aware of a certain instances of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as well. As the organization grew and became stronger, more families were empowered towards independence and children were able to obtain an education.The organization has brought together people from different profession all with a common goal of making a difference in the lives of young teenagers and their parents.


·      In the last three years, Victorious Teens Bridge International has made great strides in improving community experience and the lives of families and children living in them. School dropouts have been reduced by 20% along with a substantial reduction in absenteeism and drug abuse. Additionally, women have started income generating activities that have even allowed a saving of surplus proceeds. Children have developed self-esteem and acquired skills that will help them in all aspects of life.